Noun clause adalah klausa yang difungsikan sebagai noun dan biasanya menempati posisi subjek, objek, dan objek preposisi dalam kalimat. Contoh:

Mr Paul finally bought a mountain bike. (noun)
Mr Paul finally bought what he wanted. (noun clause)
What he wanted menjadi objek dalam kalimat di atas, sama seperti a mountain bike.


  • Subject

    Who/what + verb + (object) + (adverb)

    Who: person
    What: non person


    I know the boy
    The boy lost the key (subject, person = who)
    I know who lost the key
    I ever read the book
    The book is in your hand (subject, non person = what)
    I ever read what is in your hand
  •  Object

    Whom/what + subject + verb + (adverb)

    Whom: person
    What: non person


    Everyone gets well on the girl 
    He loves the girl
    (object, person = whom)
    Everyone gets well on whom he loves
    We want to see a komodo
    You have seen a komodo
    (object, non person = what)
    We want to see what you have seen
  • Adverb

    When/where/why/how  + subject + verb + (object)

    When: time
    Where: place
    Why: reason
    How: manner


    The day is Sunday
    We will head to New York on the day
    (adverb, time = when)
    When we will head to New York is Sunday
    The hotel is located in the heart of the city
    You will stay in the hotel
    (adverb, place = where)
    Where you will stay is located in the heart of the city
    I don’t know why I like it
    I don’t know how he will deal with the climates
  • Fact

    that/the fact that + subject + verb


    I remember (the fact) that Eric ever told me so
    He told me that he hoped to work in Australia
    (The fact) that the university is excellent in social sciences
    proves true
    Despite the fact that it was raining, they continued to play