Adverb clause adalah klausa yang difungsikan sebagai adverb dan digunakan untuk menjelaskan verb, adjective, adverb, dan bahkan sentence. Contoh:

I will go later. (adverb)
I will go after you go. (adverb clause)
Baik later maupun after you go menjelaskan verb go.


  • Time

    after (setelah)
    as (ketika, sementara)
    as soon as (segera setelah)
    before (sebelum)
    once (segera setelah)
    since (sejak)
    until/till (sampai)
    when (ketika)
    whenever (kapan saja, sewaktu-waktu)
    while (ketika, sementara)


    When my dad arrived home, I was watching TV
    You can answer the questions once you understand the concept
  •  Place

    where (di mana)
    wherever (di manapun)


    She will live where(ver) her husband lives
    Jack will take it with him wherever he goes
  • Contrast

    although, though, even though, even if (meskipun)
    whereas (sebaliknya, sedangkan)
    while (meskipun)
    even if (kalaupun)


    He wants to go, while she hopes to stay any longer
    Although he was upset, he gave them a smile
  • Cause and Result

    cause result
    as (karena)
    because (karena)
    since (karena)
    so (sehingga)


    Because his visa is about to end, he has to extend it very soon
    His visa is about to end, so he has to extend it very soon
  • Purpose

    in order that (agar, supaya)
    in the hope that (agar, supaya)
    so (agar, supaya)
    so that (agar, supaya)
    so as (agar, supaya)


    Carl took a cab so that he could reach the office before seven
    I will finish my thesis in August, so I can take vacation in September
  • Condition

    as long as (dengan syarat)
    if (jika, dengan syarat)
    only if (hanya jika)
    otherwise (jika tidak)
    or else (jika tidak)
    provided/ providing (that) (jika, dengan syarat)
    supposing (asumsikan, anggap)
    unless (jika tidak)


    He’ll help you only if you ask him politely
    As long as you don’t violate the rules, everything will be okay
  • Manner
    as if (seperti)
    as though (seperti)
    how (bagaimana)
    the way (cara)


    Your son speaks the way you do
    She shops as if she had much money